When You Can’t Do The THING


When You Can’t Do The THING

When You Can’t Do The THING.


It’s 7:00pm and you head over to alamocitycrossfit.com to check out what the next day’s WOD is.  As the page is loading you’re running through the mental list of movements you hope you won’t see on your screen. Then finally, the workout pops up.  “UGH! It’s Snatch Day.”  Or, “Great… Muscle Ups.”  Some may say, “I can’t even do one double under much less 100, 200, 20,000!” Depending on how your list of “unfavorable movements” and the daily WOD match up, you may end up deciding to skip that workout, chalking it up to, “I can’t do that so I won’t go.”


My heart sinks every time I hear this reasoning (seriously) because we, your coaches, have just lost an opportunity to help you get better.  And the person dodging certain movements has lost the opportunity to prove to themselves how they can overcome a weakness (physical and mental).  So instead of avoiding your “sucks”, here are three simple tips on how to face them head on and throat punch the inner voice that says, “You can’t do that”.


  1. Show up.

Nothing will change or improve if you don’t show up to class. Our staff has a combined 40+ years of coaching experience.  You have former collegiate athletes, CrossFit Games and Regionals athletes guiding you through your daily workout. The challenge you are facing is most likely very familiar to them, either because they’ve helped others through something similar, or they, themselves have been up against the same challenge.  We don’t coach to judge, we coach to HELP.  Let us help you.


  1. Ask For Help.

Maybe you don’t stalk the daily WOD post and show up without knowing the day’s workout.  You face your weaknesses head on, but find you just aren’t improving as quickly as you’d like.  Well, it’s time to ask for more help.  Talk to your favorite coach, ask them for a quick tip.  If you want to really take the bull by the horns, set up a 30 min one-on-one session with them.  Thirty minutes may not sound like a lot, but when you have Coach all to yourself, you’ll be amazed how much you can accomplish.  Plus, they can give you “homework” so you can continue on a focused path to improvement. 


  1. Stay the course.

You and I didn’t choose to do CrossFit because it was easy.  We like challenge and we like the sense of accomplishment after achieving what we once thought was impossible.  However, some of the accomplishments take much longer to achieve.  As a matter of fact, the further you are in your CrossFit, or Weightlifting journey, the harder it is to earn a PR or to achieve the most technical movements.  Stay patient, do the work and trust the process.  If you ever find yourself stuck again, start at the top of this list…again.


Sweaty Hugs