We Knew There Had To Be A Better Way – Part Two


We Knew There Had To Be A Better Way – Part Two

In Part One, we discussed what lead us to move away from offering a “Free Trial Class”.  The main reason being that we realized that this method was, very often, intimidating for potential new members and didn’t allow our coaches to consistently offer a great experience to everyone in attendance.

The first thing we did to ease the typical fears and intimidation, was to remove all the pressure from having to “keep up” with a group.  We accomplish this by offering a Free Intro.

What is a Free Intro?
A Free Intro is a wonderful opportunity to get to know our new friend(s) because they meet with a coach one-on-one. After getting some background info, a coach asks a series of questions regarding their current fitness routine:

“Has a fitness routine ever worked for you?”
“What are you hoping we can help you with?”
“What are your goals?”
“What, if anything, can hold you back from accomplishing these goals?”

In gathering all of this data, the potential new member AND our coaches are better set up for success because we now know WHAT they want to achieve and WHY. We’ve also identified what could hold them back from accomplishing those goals.

Objective Data

With permission, Coach will gather objective data such as weight and body fat%.  If the potential new member cares to, this info will be referred back to in about three months when we meet for a goal review session.

Optional Workout

Finally, we offer an optional, short workout.  This workout is composed of less techincal movements like the air squat, push up, sit up, ring row and everyone’s favorite, the assault bike.  We TEACH every movement as a means to warm up, observe a person’s movement patterns and most importantly, to ensure safety. Before the clock starts, Coach will encourage this soon to be athlete to not go “all out” by giving them a target pace to work at. Finally, we stress that it is totally ok if the workout cannot be completed before the 7 minute cap.

What we have done, is taken a once very intimidating and unpredictable first-time experience, and made it personal and relaxed while exploring the real motivations behind them walking through our doors.

How do you think this new, personal approach compares to the previous one?

My answer is, it doesn’t.

In Part Three, we will discuss where we go from here.

Sweaty Hugs,