We Knew There Had To Be A Better Way – Part Three


We Knew There Had To Be A Better Way – Part Three

In Part One we discussed the common fears of new CrossFitters that led us to change how we welcome them to Alamo City CrossFit and Barbell Club.  This new process, a Free Intro, is discussed in depth in Part Two. Now, let’s talk about what comes after a Free Intro.


At the end of the Free Intro, and based on our potential new athlete’s goals, past experiences and current fitness level, our Coaches make a recommendation on how to proceed.  This recommendation always includes some personal training. Below are just a few reasons why:

  1. A new CrossFitter is much less intimidated and nervous when they are in a one-on-one setting with a coach. We know this because we ask during their free intro and the answers we receive go something like this, “I like the idea of being with a group, but I would feel more comfortable starting off one-on-one.”

  2. A personal training approach allows our coaches to teach the common lifts in a more controlled setting. We have a set program that starts off with foundational movements like air squats and hollow body position then builds to movements like the push press, deadlift and kettlebell swing.  We then finish off with the most technical lifts; the Clean & Jerk and Snatch. This beats the former method of a “first-timer” potentially walking into a workout composed of highly technical movements like Snacthes and Muscle Ups.  

  3. Our current member’s experience is preserved.  By the time an athlete is ready for class, they have a basic knowledge of the common CrossFit movements, they have completed several workouts and as a result, are better prepared and more comfortable with being in a group setting.  Although our Coaches are experienced and will always be prepared to modify any workout for all fitness levels, they no longer have to teach a technical movement from scratch in the middle of class which would take time and attention away from current members.  What this translates to is a more consistent experience for everyone knowing they will receive the coaching they need, want and rightfully expect from us.


During their OnRamp process, our new friends also meet for a nutrition consultation.  As much as we all wish it wasn’t so, we cannot deny the importance of proper nutrition when it comes to achieving our health and fitness goals.  If we negate this fact, we are left spinning our wheels wondering why we aren’t seeing the results of our efforts in the gym.

The information discussed during this consultation is simple and practical.  We avoid complicated diets and focus on first improving the quality of foods consumed.  We also address any struggles that the new athlete typically faces when it comes to nutrition or habits surrounding it, and together compose a plan that will keep us moving in the right direction.


If you’ve followed this three part series, you now are fully versed in how we have adjusted our intake process to be more welcoming, less intimidating and MUCH more personal to those who are just beginning their fitness journey with us!


Are you curious to experience this for yourself? Or know someone who would appreciate and benefit from this approach? If so, set up a Free Intro today and let us help you get started!  

Sweaty Hugs,