Then With The Heart


Then With The Heart

I recently came across this three part series that a gym owner in my mentoring group put together.  Although I wanted to capture his message in my own words so that you could hear it from me, I could not find a way to say it better than Brett Moore from Eximo CrossFit did.  Because we share the same mentor, I too went through the exercises he recommends and feel the lessons learned and clarity gained are too great not to share.  Enjoy this series and be certain that all of Brett’s sentiments and calls to action are coming from me too.

Then With The Heart

Now that you’ve got your perfect day figured out, what’s next? Now it’s time to take a step back, look at your perfect day and think to yourself: “how can I utilize my perfect day to help others reach theirs?”

One of the greatest attributes of the human condition is our ability to empathize and help others in need. Where does that desire to help your fellow man come from? Easy; FROM THE HEART. You know that warm fuzzy feeling you get when you come to someone’s aid and help them achieve something they thought was impossible? That’s your heart telling you you’re doing the right thing.

The paradox of love is that you feel better by giving it away. How cool would it be if by you achieving your perfect day, you made it possible for someone else to achieve theirs?  When you reach out to others for help you’ll often find that the gesture is reciprocated too! Helping each other is contagious. Be the catalyst that kicks off a community of people putting themselves second and helping their fellow man.

Here’s my challenge to you this week:

  • First, thank ten people.  Gratitude is a foundation of happiness: when you think about the things for which you’re grateful, you’re reminded of your many blessings in life. If you have to thank ten people, you’ll think about what you’re grateful for. So do that now: go write a short note to ten people that starts with “Thank you…”.
  • Second, write your Bright Spots every Friday on the Alamo City CrossFit and Barbell Clique Facebook Page (If you’re not a part of our private FB group, request access today). What went well in your life this week? This is another act of internal exercise: reflecting on reasons to BE happy. Many spend the day thinking of the things that make us sad, mad or stressed. It’s how our brain works. How many times did you smile yesterday? How many times did you laugh out loud? Those are your metrics of happiness. And Brights Spots are your exercise. Recognize wins and you’ll find joy.
  • Perform one random act of senseless charity.  Buy coffee for the person behind you in the drive-thru. Send books to a kid you don’t know. Be anonymous. Don’t boast (or post on social media) about your random act of kindness. Be anonymous!
  • Do some less intense exercise. (Ruh-roh!) When you’re stressed, you secrete cortisol. When you’re doing HIIT, you secrete cortisol. Guess what? Your body can’t tell the difference. Too much cortisol means anxiety and burnout. Sometimes taking a walk is the best thing you can do for your family, business/job and brain.

I don’t want to give you more than four things to do, so I focused on the most actionable. You probably need a real vacation, more “me time” and to fix your relationships. But those are too general; these four are things you can do TODAY to make a difference. So start.

You Got This

~Brett Moore
Eximo CrossFit