The Open For The 99.99% Of Us


The Open For The 99.99% Of Us

The 2019 Alamo City CrossFit Intramural Open

The 2019 CrossFit Open is upon us!  For those who are new to CrossFit, The CrossFit Open consists of 5 workouts spread across 5 weeks that aim to find the fittest people in the world. Last year over 429,000 people participated in the Open.

I know many of you will ask yourself, “Why should I participate? There’s no way I’m the fittest in the world.” For 99.99% of us, that is true and that’s why we are running the Alamo City CrossFit Intramural Open!

Our goal is to have everyone participate so we can truly experience the spirit of the Open.  This “spirit” that we often talk about is one of camaraderie, fun and breakthroughs. Many have accomplished “firsts” such as their first pull up, double unders, or muscle up.  Although you may be think, “Ha! This probably won’t happen for me.” My answer to you is, “Watch.”

So, here’s the plan:

Teams –We will separate the gym into two teams.  Each team will have a Captain and Co-Captain who will decide on a team name based on one condition, it is somehow related to an 80s movie.  Captains will also designate a RAD team color.

Draft –This is going to be a blast and will be live streamed on our private members only FB group.  Here, you will find out who the team Captains and Co-Captains are then they will draft all coaches along with athletes who have competed in RX’d competitions.  We want to make sure to draft these people so that each team has the same amount of more advanced athletes on their roster.

Sign Up –Next, let’s get you all signed up so we know you are in the #ACCFIntramuralOpen.  We made sign up SUPER easy for you. All you have to do is write down your name on the whiteboard that’s been placed by the barbell stand. Many have already done this, but we need more names on that board!
Cost will only be $20 and will go towards paying for the winning team banner and the BBQ and brews that we will celebrate the end of the Open with. If you want to submit your score to the official CrossFit Open, you can do so by signing up at  Just make sure to write ”HQ” by your name and you will not be billed by ACCF when we run the $20 charge on Feb 15th.

Selection –Because we definitely don’t want anyone being picked last, we will draw names to determine who will be on which team.

Point System –Once teams are set and workouts begin, it’s quite simple. You earn a point for your team by simply doing the workout and submitting your score. If you place top 3 in your division for a workout, then you earn 3 more points. If your team brings the most spirit in any given week then your team receives 5 extra points.

We will have additional point opportunities that will be announced throughout the next several weeks.

This is where we really need you. Don’t worry about your level of skill or fitness.  If you can show up, wear your team color, cheer people on, bring canned foods to donate along with several other non-performance related skills that will later be announced, YOU can stand to make the biggest contribution to your team!

The Open

The Open will kick off on Thursday, Feb 21st at 7:00 pm with a watch party.  Along with the rest of the world, we will learn what challenge 19.1 will bring.  As soon as the workout is announced, we will have a member of each team face off! The first ones to kick this off will be your team captains.

We will run the workout on Fridays but the real fun will be on Saturdays as this will be our main event called, Saturday Brunch Special. We will kick this off at 9:00am, everyone will pick a heat time on a first come, first serve basis and then we will start the fun.

Each week, teams will be met with a team/spirit challenge and the winning team will win extra points.  Team challenges will range from having the most teammates attend the Saturday Brunch Special in team colors, to collecting the most food items to donate to the Food Bank.  And just between you and I, you can expect to see a table tennis tournament thrown in the mix at some point.

We will run the viewing party, face off and Saturday Brunch Special every week through the Open until the last weekend where we will cap the 2019 ACCF Intramural Open off with BBQ and brews!  

Once all points are tallied, we will immortalize the 2019 Alamo City CrossFit Open winning team with a banner that will hang on the walls of our gym for the world (our athletes and visitors) to see. “Will there be a banner hanging ceremony?” you ask. Duh!!!

So what do you say? Will you help us make this the best Open yet? Incase you’re not sure, just remember, your team needs you.