It’s something that is in 70% of U.S. adults daily routines. From sunscreen to sunshade and protective clothing there are many ways to protect your skin from sun damage. 

Did you know it takes as little as 15 minutes for the UV rays to start to damage your skin?

Check your ingredients if your sunscreen is organic or not they can both have some ingredients you wouldn’t want soaked into your skin. For example, oxybenzone, is known to disrupt your hormone cycles and retinyl palmitate can accelerate skin cancer! Some of the chemicals even stay in your skin for 3 weeks. 

25% of SPF products would not pass the 2019 FDA proposed UVA standards. 

EWG Level 1 Sunscreens

(The Enviromental Working Group’s Mission) 

(Level 1 = Low Health Concerns, UVA/UVB Balance)

-Adorable Baby Sunscreen Stick

-Badger Clear Zinc Sunscreen Cream

-Kabana Organic Skincare

-Attitude Sunscreen

-Derma E Sun Defence Sunscreen