Help with anxiety


Help with anxiety

How to help with anxiety during a quarantine

Learning how to deal with people around people less and in our homes alone more has been an issue for a lot of us. We join CrossFit to be around people, to be pushed, to make new friends that will last a lifetime. Right now is just a bump in the road that we can use tools to drive around. 

Here are some things I use daily to help me be by myself more than I ever have before. 

  1. Headspace – this is a great app I use to fall asleep with, background music while I am working, meditation before bedtime to relax the mind from thinking. 
  2. Gym Gypsy – a daily WOD, nutrition, intention, daily goals and important tastes book you can write in every morning and night. Writing down what I am grateful for makes me humble every morning and writing my WODs in let me remember how grateful I am to move my body. 
  3. Audible – I go for a walk 1-2 times a day with Eva and always read a book. I never listen to music because I can start to day dream and think about all my worries and trust me I can come up with a lot to worry about. So I listen to a book, where I have to listen to the author tell their story. 
  4. Yoga – learning to breathe and move my body with intent does wonders. It is not just for the flexible but I use it as time away from my phone and people asking me questions. It’s a little get away where I can respect my body. 
  5. Donating my time or money – doing something good for someone else can only make me feel happy. I am never sad while helping another person no matter how small the task. Even if it is just sending my Bestfriend a self care package or giving Daisy Cares a bag of dog food it all boosts my mood. 
  6. This one is for your phone. Turn your notifications off on your phone, for insta, FB, email ect. 
  7. Put your social media on the 2nd or 3rd page of your phone. 
  8. Only follow accounts that make you happy or educate you. Even if it is a friend you don’t have to see their account everyday if it brings you jealously or any other negative emotion. Can you get your followers around 100? 

If you have something you like to do to ease anxiety or put you in a happy mood please let us know. [email protected]