From Salsa to CrossFit


From Salsa to CrossFit

The Art of Basics

This January marked eleven years since Rudy and I began CrossFit.  Prior to that, I taught dance and had been dancing for over ten years. Not long after we found CrossFit in 2008, I decided to leave the world of dance and Rudy and I haven’t hit the floor much since.
This past weekend, we were invited to a pretty awesome party.  As we were mingling and enjoying our “date night” something magical happened.  The lights dimmed, the disco ball began spinning and out of the heavens, the most beautiful sound began to play…. Salsa music.  But not just ANY Salsa music, it was “Que Se Sepa” by Roberto Roena *chills*.
Rudy and I hit the dance floor. But because we’ve only gone out to dance a handful of times in the past 10 years, we were pretty rusty. A bit off beat and several missed combinations, we made it through the song with a big ole cheer from what had become a crowd.  One couple excitedly asked me, “How long did it take you to learn how to dance like that?!?” I could tell they weren’t too happy when I said, “Years.” To be exact, it was five years.
When I decided to start coaching CrossFit, I thought it would be an easy transition from teaching dance because I would still be teaching and coaching “movement patterns”.  What I didn’t realize is that the rule of mastering the basics was just as key in fitness as it is in dance. You see, the real reason Rudy and I were able to dance the night away after only hitting the dance floor a handful of times in the past 10 years was that we spent hours upon hours mastering the basics.  Several monotonous, underwhelming, not flashy or fancy or crowd-gathering hours, just working the basics. But those hours gave us a home base whenever we got off-beat or out of sync with each other. 
If you aren’t too thrilled with the results of your fitness journey, we have to ask ourselves a tough question.  “Have I mastered the basics?”
First, are you consistently working out? 

Are you attending at least three times per week every week?  
I know life happens but here’s what adulthood has taught me, life will always happen.  Meaning, something will always come up that can affect the time you set aside to take care of yourself.  Some of it is serious and will completely derail us (I’ve been there). Much of it, is simply a hurdle that if we adjust and stay committed, we can regularly make it to the gym.
Second, how is your nutrition? 
The typical answer I hear is, “It’s pretty good.” But is it really?
I know you KNOW what to eat, but are you eating it? Are you skipping meals to make up for the large meal you had last night or in preparation for tomorrow’s cheat meal (this is a form of yo-yo dieting)?  Are you eating enough? How many cups of veggies are you eating every day? Do you severely restrict calories in preparation for a special event then go in the opposite direction after? What day do you meal prep?
If answering these questions makes you feel uneasy, I invite you to join us for our Summer Nutrition Accountability Program. We will discuss the What, Why and How of nutrition to simplify and devise a plan of action.  Then we will lead you through a six-week accountability program that is designed for the busy professional that you are. 

Now, consistency in the gym and staying committed to a sound nutrition program may not be the sexy part we envision when we think of being our fittest self, but they are the basics.  And just like anything, they won’t become second nature without constant practice. And like with dance, they are our home base when life falls off-beat and out of sync.
Will you get bored? At times. (But not if you’re at our gym, haha!)  Will you get frustrated because you should be “there” by now? Maybe. But none of this will change the fact that we have to keep plugging away at the basics.  
The main difference between dance and health and fitness is that with the latter, the basics determine our quality of life. These basics aren’t for show, they are for you and your family’s quality of life.
At Alamo City CrossFit, we work hard to make the basics as simple, fun and exciting as we possibly can.  A few weeks ago, a member told me, “I feel sad every time I leave the gym.”  Do you feel this way? If not, we’d love to help you.  

Click here and let’s master those basics together.

Sweaty Hugs,