First With The Head


First With The Head

I recently came across this three part series that a gym owner in my mentoring group put together.  Although I wanted to capture his message in my own words so that you could hear it from me, I could not find a way to say it better than Brett Moore from Eximo CrossFit did.  Because we share the same mentor, I too went through the exercises he recommends and feel the lessons learned and clarity gained are too great not to share.  Enjoy this series and be certain that all of Brett’s sentiments and calls to action are coming from me too.

First With The Head 

My job as a gym owner and coach doesn’t just stop at getting people physically fit. My ultimate goal is to better your life as a whole, and for me that includes things outside the gym in your every day life.To me, fitness includes the mental side and conquering life just as much as the physical fitness side. After all, what good is being physically fit if you’re not mentally fit as well?  This 3 part series tackles the strengthening of the mind and bettering your life outside our gym walls.

“First with the head, then with the heart, then with the hands”

My mentor recently introduced this new motto to me and it’s one I think everyone can benefit from. That one simple sentence holds an unimaginable amount of power if you know how to apply it to your life. In this first post, we’re only going to talk about the first part:

“First with the head”

What does that mean? What does it entail? It’s simple; the first step to true success is developing a detailed game plan to get there. Think of it like planing a cross country road trip. If you don’t sit and plan a route to follow, you could end up hundreds of miles away from where you intended to go. Same goes for achieving goals. Sit down and write your goals out, then develop a “road map” to guide you through your journey.  This is where most left-brained people will thrive. If you’re not left brained, that’s OK! Take the process slowly and try to be as thorough as possible. Once you have a goal in mind, brainstorm all the possible avenues you could take to get to the finish line, and the possible pitfalls and challenges of each. Finally, choose the best path.

“Your Perfect Day”

During my first meeting with my mentor, we did an exercise called the “Perfect Day” exercise. A simple exercise to get me to simply articulate and write down what a “perfect day” in my life would look like. We literally wrote down what it would include hour by hour. It seemed kind of arbitrary, but the truth is most people have never truly sat down and thought about what that day would look like. We often have vague ideas of what an ideal day would be, but no true blueprint detailing it all. Once we have that blueprint and clear idea of what our perfect day will look like, the next step is to develop a game plan to get there. List all of the details like:

  • How much will it cost?
  • How much more income will I need?
  • What might I have to sacrifice?
  • What will I gain in reaching my perfect day?
  • How many vacations will I want to take?
  • How much more joy will this bring to my life?
  • etc…

After you’ve completed all of the above, take a step back and look at what you’ve completed. You’ve literally given yourself a step by step guide to get you to true happiness. Pretty cool, right? What you’ve also done is given yourself the best chance at achieving your goal, because you know EXACTLY where you want to go, and you can measure your progress along the way.

My challenge to you is to do your own “Perfect Day” exercise. Really take the time to write it out and be as detailed as possible. I promise you won’t regret it. Once you completed it, keep it in a place where you can refer back to it. Do it often! And don’t be afraid to make some changes to it either. It’s YOUR perfect day. Make it yours.

If you’re willing to share your perfect day with me, I’d love to hear it! Rest assured if I can do anything on my end to get you there, I’m game!

In the next blog post, we’ll go over the second part of the motto, “then from the heart”

You Got This

~Brett Moore
Eximo CrossFit