Do You Accept The Challenge?


Do You Accept The Challenge?

The 10 Foot Challenge

We are a community: we support, cheer, assist, push and motivate one another.  Community is the best unexpected side effect if there ever was one.  Many of us already know because we are knee deep into the lasting relationships we’ve built via this crazy thing called CrossFit.

Can a great thing be made greater? Can we reach deeper into our community to build more or closer relationships?  Let’s find out with the 10 Foot Challenge

We’re not talking handstand walks or farmers carries, we’re referring to “hellos,” handshakes and high-fives.

Here are the details.  When you walk into the gym, and you come within 10 feet of another person, say hello.  If you don’t know them, introduce yourself.  It’s that simple.

If you want to RX+ this challenge, you can issue a high-five, pat on the back or “good job” to each person in your class after the workout. Yeah, we’re talking hardcore stuff.

Some already live the 10 Foot Challenge on a daily basis.  Fantastic! We see you, keep being a wonderful example of what our community is all about.  For those who are new to it, give it a shot.  Ease your way into it with a hello then jump in a little deeper as you get more comfortable.

You got this.