Coffee is not only a drink but it is turning into a hobby and a way for you to grab a midday treat and catch up with some friends, are you paying attention to the ingredients that are in your coffee order?

The most popular drink at Starbucks is a vanilla Latte, for those of you who have never had one it’s a rich, full-bodied espresso blended with creamy steamed milk and vanilla syrup. This drink has:

250 calories –
6 grams of fat –
37 carbs –
150mg of caffeine!

The half-life for caffeine is anywhere from 4 to 6 hours on average. For under 200 calories you could have had:

A. 1/2 apple with 1 tbsp of peanut butter
B. 10 carrot sticks with 2 tbsp of dip
C. 2 bags of popcorn
D. 5 triangle whole wheat pita & 1 quarter cup of hummus
E. 1 Apple & string cheese

A coffee alternative ~ Why not try Black coffee with cinnamon and unsweetened coconut milk.

Also try adding a scoop of Ascent protein in your coffee to get more of a flavor and a morning protein snack.