Friends and Family Day at Alamo City CrossFit!
Thursday, March 29th


Bring your friends and family with you to your favorite class on Thursday, March 29th. Here are the details:

  • Workout will be beginner friendly but still challenging for experienced CrossFitters.
  • Your guest(s) can attend any class on Thursday, March 29th for no cost.
  • Make sure you and your guest(s) sign up HERE.



1. Snatch 3 Pos. Pull to Snatch 75×2+2 80×1+1 85×1+1 88×1+1 work up but no misses

2. 3 Position Clean Pull to Clean & Jerk 75×2+2+1 80×1+1+1 85×1+1+1 88/1+1+1 work up but no misses

3. Front Squat 3RM, then -5&-10% for 3